1. borka105's Avatar
    Let me start out by saying I just purchased my playbook yesterday.

    With that said, one of the sites I access the most is ESPN.com. Initially, the playbook goes to the tablet designed ESPN page. At the bottom of the page though, you can select to go to the standard ESPN page.

    The standard ESPN page loads fine, but if you go to click on any video, you get the following message: "CONTENT UNAVAILABLE, This video is not authorized for playback on this device."

    I've never seen this issue in any of the tablets I've owned. All of them can play these videos without a hitch and several of the tablets are not Flash compatible (i.e. iPad)

    It then hit me that most tablets have an option for the browser to display sites as "desktop, or firefox, or IE"

    I don't see this option present with the playbook browser.

    I would assume ESPN.com is a very high traffic website especially for males 18-60.

    Anyone know how to fix this issue to play videos on the standard ESPN website?

    Is this an issue addressed with OS2?

    12-31-11 09:57 AM
  2. Frank Castle's Avatar
    I wrote about this earlier this week as it ticked me off.

    ESPN seems to have done a new website design and use the Playbook agent and force the tablet version of the website. The issue as you (and I) see is Flash content is disabled.

    Luckily someone pointed out by the ESPN logo is a button to switch to the Desktop version of the website. What is stupid is now any video plays in a seperate webpage vs. embedded.
    12-31-11 11:36 AM