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    So I wiped my playbook clean last night and downgraded back to OS2.0.1.358. Deleted NFS and Tetris because there was an update notification but App World wouldn't update to v2.2. So everytime I try to reinstall either one of them I get this error message:

    Any idea as to how to fix this?
    08-15-12 01:58 AM
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    App World is down atm, web update. (4:31AM AST)

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    08-15-12 02:29 AM
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    When trying to reinstall apps. So don't believe it's a PB issue but rather at RIM end, get the exact same error message.
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    08-15-12 02:30 AM
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    Okay good cuz I thought the problem was with my Playbook or home network.

    Update: It's working fine now
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    08-15-12 02:32 AM