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    Error 132353 or 2012 "Could not activate this tablet"
    As far I know this error are for baned serial numbers in the blackberry servers list bacuse the tablet is reported STOLEN and they will not activate your tablet even if you offer to returned to the first original owner (Bull crap cuz the tablet is brand new) you can try all, even give the pictures of the box with the serial, the tablet and receipt as proof that you purchase that item legally, maybe try to hire a lawyer to get to the corporate gerencial to take note on the case or hope for a Jedi hacker that can create a bypass

    They will deny this happen and thats a fact.

    $1.7 million in BlackBerry PlayBooks stolen from an Indiana truck stop

    By Adi Robertsonon December 17, 2011 04:31 pm

    RIM can't catch a break. Last Thursday, a truck carrying 22 pallets of BlackBerry PlayBooks (estimated to have 5,000 units) was stolen from an Indiana truck stop while the driver was busy eating and taking a shower. With no tracking device on the vehicle, there's little word on the thieves or where they're headed, although a local police spokesman has named Miami as a popular destination for stolen goods.
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    07-06-12 06:35 PM
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    You should focus your frustration at the store or individual that sold you the PB. RIM is under no obligation to activate a stolen tablet.
    07-06-12 06:49 PM
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    You're damn right, if that were the case. But is some info for all the people that have those error and need an answer. but I have my playbook in storege wayting for a fix or untill my other one needs a part.
    07-08-12 04:31 PM
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    Rim would need the person's name that sold the PB to you, so they can back track to the original theives, and get them behind bars.

    I asume that you already called RIM Support and received those answers?

    This is unusal since a couple of other posters here were able to provide proof of purchase, and the seller's information. They were then able to use the playbook as new.
    07-08-12 04:50 PM