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    I had drifted away from CNN but Erin Burnette was one of the few reporters that I actually enjoyed listening to. Erin left CNBC and went to start her own show on CNN.

    Out Front, is a great show and I rush to the gym at 4pm Pacific time to watch it. I don't really watch much TV news because it is just talking heads but I do watch her show.

    Anyway, I often missed the begining of her show and yesterday the rain caused the TV's at the gym to be unwatchable so I got to thinking. Yes, very dangerous. But anyway, I tried it on my Playbook and boom!

    That is pretty nice!

    Erin may be the most beautiful Anchor out there but really it is about the quality of her reporting and her respectful treatment of guests, even the ones that don't agree with her, on her show.
    Besides this, Anderson Cooper can be viewed on the web via Playbook but he already has a podcast for us on the Playbook.
    Maybe we can get one for her show.

    Just go to:
    CNN.com - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News, then Video, then TV Shows.

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    11-17-11 04:01 PM
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    Her show is really good! Thanks for the tip about watching it on the Playbook. I knew about Anderson Cooper in the Podcast section, but didn't know I could watch her show via CNN.com. Awesome! Thanks.
    11-17-11 04:07 PM
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    Sure, no problem.

    I don't watch TV that much, let alone on my Playbook. But, she is the one anchor I will try to keep up with.

    I usually use my Playbook for video chat, facebook, web-surfing, reading books (I'm on my fourth one since I got the Playbook) and it beats carrying around the laptop AND a book, and lately my son (and I) have been playing a few of the games released.
    I watch CrackBerry regularly for suggested games and we got one called Wreckless Racing. Lots of fun. My co-worket and I played it (it is multi-player via web) and had lots of fun. ( watched me with my Playbook for a while and when it went on sale he got three for himself and family).

    As a side note, I often find that I rely on seven sources of information:
    1. Roubini Global Economics for economic analysis works on Playbook.
    2. The Economist Magazine for more casual but quite informative analysis. You can get it on the Playbook as well via web.
    3. Bloomberg news for market analysis. I used to get their channel but found it be inferior to the Bloomberg app because I have to follow their schedule vs. just picking my own articles at will. The Bold 9930 does a good job there. I cancelled the Blooomberg TV service and just read it from my App.
    4. Value Line for stock reports. Warren Buffett seems to like it so it is good for little ol me.
    5. The Oregonian. I live in Portland and find their reporting quite good.
    6. NPR
    7. My new favorite. CNN/OutFront.

    I don't ever listen to:
    Fox News. Surveys show that their viewers have a less accurate understanding of what is happening in the world. Besides, after watching them for a couple of minutes I start getting stressed out. It is just not good reporting in my view.

    Honestly, I can get everyting I want on my Playbook. I know that people say it does not have this or that but I just don't care. For me this device is awesome, portable, secure and just a pleasure to use. Oh yeah, and it saves me money because I have a BB and use Bridge. That is hands down the best combo out there in my view.
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    11-17-11 04:24 PM
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    Erin would look good on a 5 inch black and white TV from 1975... That woman is beautiful, smart too!

    I use to love watching her on CNBC, but have only watched her new show a few times. I'm not much of a news watcher, I think it's depressing, which is why I get my news from various internet sources, and my local paper.

    Maybe I'll try watching tonight on my PlayBook...
    11-17-11 05:11 PM
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    I wanna marry her and make lots of cramer babies with her lol.

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    11-18-11 01:24 AM
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    She's a ditz.
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    11-18-11 01:36 AM
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    That CNN "TV Shows" page loads OK but scrolling is really glitchy.
    11-18-11 01:41 AM