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    I set up one of my two emails and the emails go into the message folder, but they don't go into my email folder. I set up the email and clicked on verification, but I never received a validation email and my emails do not arrive in the email folder.

    Also, I was unable to set up my att.blackberry email because it keeps asking me for a password, but I don't remember giving it a password when it was first set up and I never had to use a password to access it. Anyone know a way around the password issue? I don't want to create a new email, I want to use my old email address.

    Anyone have any ideas on these two problems I'm having?


    Edit: I apologize. I put this in the wrong forum. This is for my new Bold 9900, not the playbook.
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    02-22-12 08:52 AM
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    Contact ATT about resetting your password on your email account. all email accounts have a password. They may have to send you to Blackberry to get it.

    Normally with blackberry once you setup an email account it never asked for the password again.
    02-22-12 09:03 AM