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    Had my email all set up and working perfectly, then it began telling me my gmail password was incorrect and telling me to login again. Locked out the email entirely and I had to delete the account and reinstall the gmail account. This is the second time I've had todo this - am I missing something totally obvious here in case. It happens a third time?

    I figure there must be a thread about this somewhere. Directions, anyone?

    God, I love this predictive typing...
    02-23-12 08:38 PM
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    I have that same problem but not with my gmail account. It has happened with my yahoo account several times. I figured out that if you cancel the pop up and then go the accounts setup page, then just re-save it it'll work again...for a while at least.
    02-23-12 09:54 PM
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    Worked beautifully until two days ago, now will continually ask for Gmail account password. Will briefly allow allow mail to sync then asks for password again. Annoying. I haven't been locked out, thankfully.
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    03-04-12 11:35 AM
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    Worked beautifully until two days ago, now will continually ask for Gmail account password. Will briefly allow allow mail to sync then asks for password again. Annoying. I haven't been locked out, thankfully.
    There seems to be a bug in playbook. Had the same issue. Deleting Gmail account and recreating it solves the issue. But in the last 25 days I had to do it thrice. Nothing else helps but for recreating the account. This time while creating I chose Microsoft active sync under advanced options and filled m.google.com as server and left the domain blank. It was suggested on some thread. In any case it's quite frustrating to link all Gmail contacts again with Facebook contacts which don't link automatically.
    The second best thing to resolution for bug is that others have it too
    I also tried unlocking captcha but some how the page which opens does not display any captcha.. For me to read and enter. the captcha unlock link is supposed to display a page where u would need to enter email address and password and enter the captcha and thus would presumably be unlocking the captcha.
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    03-17-12 07:53 AM
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    To get the captcha you have to log in on the web interface and send a mail from there. When you choose send you'll get the captcha. This was for hotmail anyway.
    03-17-12 09:14 AM
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    I noticed that too with the email. Thought it was just me doing something wrong. Seems intermittent though - not every day...
    03-17-12 10:03 AM
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    I had this problem as well as I have many devices reading same gmails. It is possible that google services has challenges when I use both POP and IMAP. Anyway, seemed to have instantly gotten rid of the problem when changed settings on my PC to 'recent' several days ago.

    If you read pasted text from the 2 google links below, it would appear google does not recommend POP since it is less stable than IMAP - but if you have Outlook Express on your old computer as I do, you may not want to eliminate POP so easier to just change the settings on your computer (see below).

    After the change, all requests for google password entry ended on the Playbook. As expected, messages remained in sync with Google GMAIL (where my Settings have IMAP enabled) when accessed via Playbook or directly with Google. (Ditto for the Calendars on Playbook and Google.)

    Note that because my Outlook Express on my computer does not have two way communication with google (since using only POP), message deletion in Outlook does not show up on Google or your Playbook mail - which is fine with me.

    Hope implementing the changes below may assist in solving this problem.

    All info below is from Google:

    Using POP on multiple clients or mobile devices
    Using POP on multiple clients or mobile devices - Gmail Help

    What is 'recent mode?'

    If you're accessing Gmail on multiple clients through POP, Gmail's 'recent mode' makes sure that all messages are made available to each client, rather than only to the first client to access new mail.

    Recent mode fetches the last 30 days of mail, regardless of whether it's been sent to another POP1 client already.

    Setting up 'recent mode'

    In your POP client settings, replace 'username@gmail.com' in the 'Username' or 'Email' field with 'recent:username@gmail.com'

    Once you enable recent mode, please be sure to configure your POP client to leave messages on the server according to the instructions below:

    Outlook or Outlook Express: on the Advanced tab, check the box next to 'Leave a copy of messages on the server.'
    Apple Mail: on the Advanced tab, remove the check next to 'Remove copy from server after retrieving a message.'
    Thunderbird: on the Server Settings tab, check the box next to 'Leave messages on server.'
    POP: POP (Post office protocol) is a one-way download of your messages that allows you to access your mail with a mail program like Outlook Express or Apple Mail. POP only offers one-way communication, which means that actions you take in the mail program (like marking a message as read) wont be synced to Gmail.
    Getting started with IMAP and POP
    Getting started with IMAP and POP - Gmail Help
    What is POP and IMAP?

    POP and IMAP is what allows you to download messages from Gmail's servers onto your computer so you can access your mail with a program like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, even when you aren't connected to the Internet.

    How much does POP and IMAP cost?

    POP and IMAP access are free for all Gmail users.

    Whats the difference between POP and IMAP?

    If youre trying to decide between using POP and IMAP, we encourage you to use IMAP.

    Unlike POP, IMAP offers two-way communication between your web Gmail and your email client. This means when you log in to Gmail using a web browser, actions you perform on email clients and mobile devices (ex: putting mail in a 'work' folder) will instantly and automatically appear in Gmail (ex: it will already have a 'work' label on that email the next time you sign in).

    IMAP also provides a better method to access your mail from multiple devices. If you check your email at work, on your mobile phone, and again at home, IMAP ensures that new mail is accessible from any device at any given time.

    Finally, IMAP offers a more stable experience overall. Whereas POP is prone to losing messages or downloading the same messages multiple times, IMAP avoids this through two-way syncing capabilities between your mail clients and your web Gmail.
    03-17-12 11:38 AM
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    Have same problem but with my work domain email. Continually rejecting my password even after reset on the server! Any one knows what's going on and why?
    06-05-12 04:38 AM
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    Do you realize that we're in beta stage and you don't display the OS you are referring to ?
    Please update your profiles !
    06-05-12 05:08 AM