1. Old_Mil's Avatar
    Ever since the last update I have been having problems with the email app randomly crashing, freezing with a blank screen and not displaying emails, and so on. Any alternatives available?
    05-28-14 10:20 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Have you removed the accounts and rebooted and then re add them?
    05-28-14 11:18 AM
  3. pacoman03's Avatar
    There is an alternative app already on your Playbook. It is called "Email" and is part of the android runtime. It can be accessed using "Quick App Manager" (in app world) as well as a via few other apps. It has a few advantages over the native app- no thirty day limit and it loads quicker. It will still give you notifications of incoming mail, but it won't sync contacts from your email provider, though contacts can be imported as a csv file.
    05-28-14 01:30 PM

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