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    My Exchange Active Syncs Account used to work fine until I deleted the account a week ago, and now after I set it up again, my calendar only sync's one existing appointment? Enterprise email and contacts sync fine.

    Tried the usual, deletion of the account, hard reset and reinstall of the account to no avail. I haven't done a security wipe as I have been one of the lucky few that has never had to do that even though I have owned the PB since 4/11/2011.

    I am thinking I might have denied a certificate by accident when I first tried to set up the account again and am wondering if there is a way to clear all accepted and denied certificates? Not sure what new problems that may create though?

    Any suggestions?
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    Bump 3 strikes, a security wipe, and same problem.... back to bridge...
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    OK, so latest update inspired me to see if my calendar one way sync issue was resolved. It wasn't, but I found a solution.

    Warning, be sure you know what you are doing, or you could lose all your appointments. If you are not sure about the steps below, ask for help.

    1. Removed the Exchange native email account from playbook and reboot.
    2. Open Outlook mine is 2010 running in cached mode)
    3. View the existing Outlook calendar in List Mode
    4. Created a new calendar folder in an offline pst file (needs to be a calendar folder not in the active directory)
    5. Move all calendar appoints to the offline folder (this is your backup. Make sure it's an offline folder or you will lose all your appointments in the next steps.)
    6. Wait for your Outlook to fully sync with the exchange server...it can take a while if you have years of appointments.
    7. When Outlook calendar and server are fully up to date (sync'd) add back your exchange account on PlayBook.
    8. Wait for all PB mail and contacts to finish syncing, then Add a new appointment in Outlook calendar to test...... swpie refresh on playbook
    9. If it works, move all your appointments in the offline folder back to the active outlook calendar.
    10. If will take 10 minutes or so, then your Outbook and PB calendars should be back in sync.

    Our server is running Exchange 2003.

    Interesting to note. Android and ios user blogs describe similar problems with Exchange Activesnyc with their devices. Some thought the one way sync problem is related to accepting and changing meeting invites after the organizer had deleted the invite.

    Hope it helps someone....back to Native Calendar.
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