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    After having fun loading a dev os on my pb I let it drain out. Plugged it in and nothing. Eventually got the red light, charge symbol, constant green, and pb boot logo cycle. I couldn't get it to stay off and pulse green for charging.

    Tried some stack charging but I realized every time the display turned on to give the charge symbol, it wasn't charging enough to get past where it was. Same cycle. The amount of time charging was too short to make a difference.

    I connected it to pc long enough for bb device manager to recognize it to do a cfp nuke -a

    Now I'm stuck with two flashing reds with a mild green light between them. My hope is since the green started nearly unrecognized and finally went to medium green intensity that it is charging despite no boot rom and os for the programmed charge cycle to take place.

    I think the charger can overcome the juice the pulsing red takes to actually charge.

    Am I wrong? Does it need the boot code in place to actually kick in a cpu controlled charge algorithm?

    We will see.

    Thanks for listening.

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    12-11-14 10:56 PM
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    That would be a negative. Left it that way for 30 minutes and ran the 2.1 autoloader. It loaded and reset, and that was it. One short red light. No boot, no blinks, no green.

    She's dead, Jim.


    The red light doesn't stay on long enough for cfp or anything else to do anything. Cuts off and disconnects USB.

    Leaving it plugged in overnight anyway with an ac charger, even though it's probably not accepting a charge.

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    12-11-14 11:34 PM
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    At some point in time, a couple of years ago, you could find spare batteries on the market, along with a how-to to dismount the tablet (which looks like it's inside is constituted at 90% by… batteries!)
    Did you perform some searching on this?
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    12-12-14 11:27 AM

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