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    ok, so i hope this does not land me in hot water BUT i see that watching tv is important to many of us and it doesnt matter how we get it as long as we do. so there is a site i have used for the longest while and it takes some maneuvering but it is ideal for getting the shows you want promptly. this is no spamming on my part. it has forum style setup where people post their links to stream high quality video. the ones i trust mostly are vidhog vidxden and vidbux. there is no little to no effort on your part. you look for the show you want and what episode of what season and you click the link, YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHICH "CONTINUE" BOX to click so you dont get duped into clicking on an advertisement. this is ideal for playbook users. In settings you have to change it to allow popups. so in this site you would look in DIVX movies under movies or DIVX tvshows under tv. dont go to the hd sites because they have a lack of options. these are streaming sites for you computer but video file downliad sites for you playbook.
    the site is ipb[dot]quicksilverscreen[dot]ch
    i tried to put as much info as posible although i may have missed some details. feed back appreciated and i hope this was not taken in a bad light by mods or anything...get back to me
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    12-18-11 03:45 AM
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    pictures as guidance
    12-18-11 03:58 AM
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    I really like this place or web forum you let us know.
    It works very good.
    Thanks for sharing this info with me and the rest.
    Happy Holydays!!!!!
    12-18-11 01:27 PM
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    dont crucify me for trying to keep this relevant...i hope it has worked as well for you as it has for me.
    12-18-11 04:12 PM
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    How the **** you download anything....tons of popups and when u press HUMAN VERICATION as per the pictures I dont get option to save file, I get more popups or asked to download missing divex or codec
    12-22-11 08:24 AM
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    pictures as guidance
    Am i missing something. Its not this simple. I dont get option to save
    12-22-11 08:39 AM