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    For the life of me I can't find where downloaded files from the internet go... there's no download folder and when I swipe down in the browser it says no active downloads. I know this has partially been asked before, but never got the answer I was looking for.
    Anyways, I've used Dilandau on my BB's to download MP3's, but now I can't figure out how to do it on the Playbook... when I clicked save link as, it asked me where I wanted to save it... playbook or 9800, so I chose PB. But I can't find it and there's no active DL's.
    Anyone else use Dilandau for downloading MP3s?
    Please help
    04-24-11 02:31 AM
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    should be in /media/downloads. unless this is the bridge browser.. might be different in that case.

    could also be that your download didn't work.. can you try saving something simple, like a jpeg? try this link and see if the pictures show up in the Pictures app after downloading...
    JPEG File Interchange Format Sample Files
    04-24-11 03:07 AM
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    bad example apparently (download didn't work)... try here:

    tap on image, then tap & hold, select "save image". then go look for it in media/downloads, or in the Pictures app.
    04-24-11 03:12 AM
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    Im not bridged, wifi, but I'm looking specifically to download MP3s. Was wondering if anyone downloaded them right to the pb from dilandau or similar site
    04-24-11 03:41 AM
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    k, tried that link for giggles, saved image and can't find it in pics at all
    04-24-11 03:45 AM
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    weird.. the media library should have picked the image up once it was saved. Try rebooting your playbook to trigger a media resync.

    To answer your previous question, I was able to save an mp3 file from the browser and it showed up in the Music app.
    googled for "sample mp3".
    The first link was: Tony Cuffe: mp3 sample tracks
    Tap & hold on one of the "hi (xxx)" links, select "save link as" and save the mp3.
    Shows up in the "downloads" section when you pull down the menu from the top of the browser as well.
    Also, when I saved a jpeg from that previous website, I could see it in the downloads window as well.

    Do you happen to have file sharing working on your pb? If so, we could look for the downloaded files directly.
    04-24-11 03:57 AM
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    gunna reboot, I'll let u know if it works
    04-24-11 04:00 AM
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    no not there, just tried the link you gave and that did work.... yikes how do i delete this now? lol I'll figure it out im sure. Going to try my old trusty site again
    04-24-11 04:08 AM
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    hah. yes, delete is a function that the Music app is currently lacking.

    If you have a laptop handy, you can browse to your playbook files by doing the following...
    1. on the PB, go to settings (gears)->about->network. Note the IPv4 address.
    2. on the PB, go to settings->Storage&Sharing and enable Wi-Fi sharing.
    3a. on your PC: start->run-> \\\media (where is the IPv4 address of your playbook).... or....
    3b. on your Mac: in Finder->Go->Connect-to-Server-> smb://
    Username is "Playbook", no password by default.

    You should see a bunch of folders like Music, Photos, Camera, Downloads, etc.
    Your browser downloads should be in the Downloads/ folder. See what files are there.. delete whatever you want. Your previous downloads should be in that folder..

    I'm curious what happened to the jpegs and mp3s you downloaded if they are not showing up in the various apps. Keep in mind that file extensions are important... if you save a file as "song", rather than "song.mp3", it won't get identified.
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    04-24-11 04:14 AM
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    Thanks for taking the time to help me out, it's much appreciated
    04-24-11 04:37 AM
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    no problem. this sort of thing should be working
    04-24-11 04:51 AM
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    I discovered something wierd today.

    When I downloaded a picture, (a) it didn't offer me an option of folders to send it to and (b) I couldn't find the picture I downloaded after I saved it.

    Long story short: the device doesn't automatically apply a file extension to files you download so guess what... It can't find them when you browse.

    When, after a hunch, I downloaded a wall paper for the third time from crackberry and physically added ".jpg" to the file name it supplied when I downloaded, the picture turned up in the picture album.

    Apparently the pb automatically deposits downloaded files into folders based on the file extension but you have to make sure it has one to begin with. Without one it is deposited somewhere else where it cannot be found by the folder browser later.

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    04-24-11 06:32 AM
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    The web browser parks files in the media/downloads folder. Photos/Videos/Pictures/etc. all rely on a file extension to determine what the files are, regardless of the save location.
    If no extension is given, you'll have to resort to using an external file-browser to find/rename/delete them until there is a native file browser.
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    04-24-11 06:38 AM
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    Okay you appear to know what you are talking about. I am new to this playbook and I am trying to download Google Chrome so I can work better with Google maps. The program downloaded twice but I can't find it anywhere. Can you help me please.
    10-13-12 10:55 AM
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    Don't bother. Chrome doesn't work on the PB.
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    10-13-12 01:18 PM