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    This might be a stupid question, because I think I know the answer already. However, I am having a hard time backing up my playbook and literally went through hundreds of threads specifically about this issue and found no fix to my issue. My original plan was to back up my Playbook (full backup) to Desktop manager so my apps, settings, and media would be saved and then do a factory reset and restore my backed up information to my playbook...I had a problem backing up the applications however both the media and settings backed up fine through a custom backup (backup all three options individually) my apps however kept failing to back up, it would get to 100 Bytes and than I get a generic error message saying make sure my playbook is plugged in and turned on.

    My new plan is I would like to downgrade my OS to 2.0.1 and than upgrade it back to 2.1. My new question is will that accomplish the same thing as a factory reset/security wipe? and will downgrade and upgrading through Desktop Manager guarantee that my apps and app data will be saved as if they got backed up and restored?

    also I really don't care for the media or settings on the playbook. I just want to keep the apps and the data for the apps

    Thanks in advance, and I'm sorry for the long post.
    01-20-13 06:32 PM
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    If DOWNgrading is possible, it requires a special program and the OS image. I've not done it but others have loaded OS's that way but I'm not sure you can DOWNgrade. Nor would it guarantee that you can restore anyway.

    Many of us have run into the DM quirk where it will not backup. Just the way it is - damn it!

    When I did a Security Wipe about 2 weeks ago, I did lose some apps that had increased in price. No happy but stuck with the result!
    01-20-13 07:52 PM

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