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    These two links you provided are about the rumor price of $550 MSRP for the LTE PB.

    The link I gave was the first post that I can see that talked about the contract pricing. The article was dated Aug 5. So my question is how BBA Brian jumped the gun on Aug 3rd to start this thread. He must have connection and way eager to complaint. Did he complaint about the Samsung, Motorola and iPad which all have a higher MSRP than the LTE Playbook, is what I want to know.
    Try the first link again, the Telus article dated August 2, 2012..
    The second sentance in the second paragraph is "Rogers is expect to launch the LTE tablet at the same no-term price, but will also be making it available for $349.99 on a 3-year term."
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    hmmm... Guess some folks want RIM dead.... does not matter what the WIFI Playbook sold for..... at the price it drop to they made little or no money.... now the op expect them to do the same with the LTE Product... Mind boggling.... if people want rim to survive... there needs to be an additude ajustment happen.... so i would assume next the op wants bb10 handsets sold at cost so he will buy one... hardly..... as pointed out... you do not like the price simply buy something else... have not seen many lte tablets cheap lately....

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