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    1) Does the playbook support Bluetooth PAN connection or just DUN?

    I am trying to tether with a phone that offers PAN BT connection only.

    2) Has anyone managed to connect a playbook to an AD-HOC wifi connection?

    I would guess the only way is maybe with ROOT and modified wifi-supplicant. Has anyone managed this with a playbook?

    I have managed to tether to my phone by

    - ad-hoc modified wifi supplicant Android device.
    - BT PAN (only PAN BT is supported in this phone.
    08-21-12 10:30 PM
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    09-10-12 07:45 AM
  3. DrBoomBotz's Avatar
    Supported Bluetooth profiles - User Guide - BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet - 2.0
    From personal experience A2DP is at least partially functional.

    I can't find any evidence of PAN profile support.
    09-10-12 08:52 AM
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    What profile is the pb using when tethering and not bridge or wifi hotspot?
    09-10-12 08:59 AM
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    09-10-12 11:06 AM
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    First I used BT DialUp Network to connect to my bada phone. This was extremly cranky and connection interrupted every other minute. So in my case even this officially supported way is very unreliable. I have never read "Playbook supports BT PAN.

    Then I used my bada as Wifi Hotspot providing Tethering. Playbook works very very well with that. In my opinion that is not Wifi Direct ... that one is - in my Opinion - for file exchange between 2 devices, not for connecting into internet.

    That's all I can say. I haven't heard of any other way.

    Most of my text is speculation.

    09-10-12 11:21 AM