1. dugggggg's Avatar
    I am not in an area where WiFi is available, so I am using the bridge on my 9370 to connect my PB to the internet.

    I fired up Desktop Manager on my laptop to perform a backup, and was prompted to connect my PB to it via USB. The PB then displayed a "connecting" screen, which I dismissed. DM then tried to initiate an automatic backup, and the PB displayed a login screen, prompting me to enter my BlackBerry ID and password.

    However, when I pressed Submit, the login screen displayed "Network/Connection Error". It did this regardless of the password I entered. I had no choice but the press Cancel, at which DM simply displayed that "There was an error backing up."

    Does PB backup really require a WiFi connection---or is something else amiss?

    I was able to successfully copy and paste all my personal files from the PB to the laptop, but would have preferred doing a full backup.
    09-14-12 01:31 PM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    I can't say as I've never tried. As much trouble as there is with dm backups and different OS versions and whether or not it will restore I stay away from dm and just copy and paste the stuff I care about.
    09-14-12 02:17 PM
  3. Zildjian71's Avatar
    No backup does require a cable only because of the security definition for the PlayBook.

    Make sure you have the most recent version of DM and make sure it is a true data cable not just a charging cable. Using the original BlackBerry USB cable is best.

    If you have to uninstall Desktop Manager then reinstall it to be sure you have the most recent drivers and Device Manager which is an underlying program to the process.

    Device Manager will show up as an icon in the System Tray on a Windows PC. This is where you control how Windows Explorer sees your PlayBook for file viewing.

    Hope this helps.
    09-14-12 08:55 PM