1. Joseph Piche's Avatar
    have reviewed ten tons of posts, videos and articles but everything seems to center on apps and app details with nobody coming right out and saying the OS is backed up and eventually restorable. background issue is usb port is gibbled and it appears (?) that true backup of OS is not possible via wireless so am deciding whether to spend significant $ on repair or replacement of playbook.
    07-30-17 12:09 PM
  2. robsteve's Avatar
    I don't think the OS is backed up in a backup, just the OS settings, personal files, apps and App data. If I remember correctly, the PlayBook has two copies of the OS on it. If the OS gets corrupt, it will boot from the second version, though you will loose all your personal data.

    If the OS is totally corrupt the desktop software can try to reload it when you force a OS reload. Just doing a normal restore doesn't replace the OS on the Playbook. Without a USB port to do this restore, the PlayBook would be a brick.

    Your question is not totally clear, but if you do not have access to the USB port, you can probably only copy files from the PlayBook that you can access from wifi sharing. This would not include the data specific to installed programs. For example, you could copy all your pictures, videos, and documents via wifi, but not program specific setting, such as bookmarks in the browser.

    Without USB, you will be able to reset the Playbook using a security wipe and when it reboots it will restore the OS, but you may loose some OS programs that are no longer available except by side loading them, such as the video chat.
    07-30-17 04:26 PM
  3. masterscarhead1's Avatar
    If the USB port is toast, then how are you charging the PB?
    Are you using the desktop mount quick charger?
    If so, then you have no way to transfer apps or settings off the device. You may be able to transfer some files via wifi sharing but definitely not backing up settings or apps
    Beware using the security wipe option on PB, because it may do the wipe, but not put back essential apps (leaving a single browser app)
    07-30-17 05:02 PM

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