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    Hi. Newer than new noobie here... I haven't even actually gotten my Blackberry PlayBook yet (it's due here on Friday), but I'm trying to learn as much as I can beforehand. I just read you can watch NetFlix on a Blackberry PlayBook with an app called Flix One review says, "...install the app on your PC and playbook and install the computer's IP address into the PB app and its good to go..." Granted you (apparently) can only watch NetFlix with Flix if your PC is running, & the audio is only going to be working on the PlayBook while you're watching NetFlix, but none of that is a problem for me. Has anyone used this app with success? ??? Thanks in advance for any information in this regard.
    05-07-14 11:45 AM
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    I have tried it...

    A lot depends on you network connections, streaming in and out can be taxing on a low end router or a slow internet connection. Yes the computer has to be one, and you have to keep it from going into stand-by - So basically you have to keep it fully on all the time or know when you plan to use FLIX.

    Personally I have never been happy with the Wi-Fi on my PlayBook. It will stream fine for 2 hours or sometime 30 minutes and then lose connection and mess up the whole stream. And that is while I'm at home on the same network - go out into the world on some other network and this can become very unreliable.

    You might as well give it a try, wasn't very hard to set up as I remember (been a long time). Many here have said it worked great for them.
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    05-07-14 12:06 PM

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