1. rhonskie's Avatar
    does anyone knows that if there is a possible to use Emulator or all psp and ps3 games in playbook?......if please tell me how to use it... thanks
    04-21-12 12:22 AM
  2. DAnklaud's Avatar
    04-21-12 12:26 AM
  3. rhonskie's Avatar
    in this emulators could play a tekken? etc.... or bleach?
    04-21-12 12:32 AM
  4. DAnklaud's Avatar
    old school tekken, bleach is a bit too new,older game systems only, their still working on N64 & PS1 emulators,i haven heard of a PSP emulator yet
    04-21-12 12:39 AM
  5. rhonskie's Avatar
    wow...but i am kinda confious how to install this SNES...... >_<
    04-21-12 12:50 AM
  6. DAnklaud's Avatar
    04-21-12 12:59 AM
  7. rhonskie's Avatar
    so i will download all these files in my playbook?or in my laptop then i will transfer it to my playbook?
    04-21-12 01:21 AM
  8. DAnklaud's Avatar
    DDPB and Java runtime need to be dowloaded and installed to your laptop,then turn on developer mode on your playbook, then connect your playbook to your laptop , start installing the .bar files to your playbook using your laptop
    04-21-12 01:27 AM
  9. rhonskie's Avatar
    oh ok great...i will try this at home....thanks a lot....i will just inform you sir. thanks a lot....
    DAnklaud likes this.
    04-21-12 01:29 AM
  10. rhonskie's Avatar
    yeah thanks thanks....i wish there will be no problem im scared because maybe my pb will crash... :-s
    04-21-12 01:36 AM
  11. DAnklaud's Avatar
    naa, no worries ,playbook won't crash, maybe some apps might , but that does'nt happen too often. The SNES emulator is great , i've not ever had it crash on me
    04-21-12 03:37 AM
  12. rhonskie's Avatar
    hey...i need to download a ROM...where can i get it?
    04-21-12 10:43 AM
  13. JAGWIRE's Avatar
    ROMs are located by a Google search.
    the best place for these questions, to get them answered quickly too, is the Apps & Games section of the PB forums.
    04-21-12 10:57 AM
  14. Blackman91's Avatar
    The Neogeo emulator for the playbook is awesome, it works so smooth:
    09-12-13 04:24 PM
  15. Blackman91's Avatar
    The Neogeo emulator for the playbook just got updated with multiplayer support!!!! You can now play your favorite neogeo games with a friend on your playbook!
    09-29-13 10:02 PM