10-21-12 03:26 AM
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  1. DataWrangler's Avatar
    Bump! This would be so cool.
    04-12-12 11:42 PM
  2. mikeplus1's Avatar
    Seems ones in production somewhere.....

    OEM PlayBook Docking Station Photos Emerge
    Looks like in production in someone's garage maybe, but an odd picture that has drink glasses in the background and shows no detail at all. This or a similar picture has been discussed here before and there have been threads on the subject of hdmi and usb docks going back for a year now, still no hdmi dock that I am aware of and only the one OEM dock which is fine for charging only.
    04-13-12 06:22 AM
  3. frisco49ers's Avatar
    Need a stand that would have openings for the USB and HDMI ports, Still have the Magnetic charger connection but just have it so you can use a 90 degree plug in for the USB and HDMI so you only connect them when you need to use them as to eliminate the excess wear and tear on the ports.
    04-13-12 06:30 AM
  4. nazreil25's Avatar
    Something like this for PB would be nice
    04-13-12 07:29 AM
  5. costas1966's Avatar
    I've been wanting one too, but it looks like I'll just have to make one myself using a molded piece of plexiglass as a stand with openings at the bottom to slip the cables through and then rest it in the stand.

    I can't believe this doesn't exist yet...it seems so simple.
    04-29-12 08:37 PM
  6. costas1966's Avatar
    Bumping this one, as I am still hoping for something like this to come along!! Anyone got a source yet?
    10-19-12 05:17 PM
  7. indautxu's Avatar
    I had the same problem. I needed a stand for audiovisuals. So I made a custom convertible case with an old dvd-book case. Almost the same of the official one ( a bit deeper, but I use this extra space for storing a stylus and for the audio jack). The first decision was putting upside down the Playbook in order to have access for the hdmi and the usb conectors. The second decision was the attachement; Velcro 5cm wide and the wide of the playbook (soft side in the tablet). To dismantle the case I have to pull with a screwdrive, so is safe enaught.
    For the dvd book itself: to make the folding line I marked a line with a ruler, and with an old screwdriver I pulled down and left right in order to craw the line (just pulling) first inside and outside till it blended gently (measured 2/3-1/3).
    Then I wrapped the externals like my old students books (rainproof, and repeattouch proof); this is the time to customize the book with stickers at will), and in the interior I used American Wrap or similar. For the counter screen a wide "mopa"sticker (from floor-sofa protector , you can craw three lines for different vision angles). Last an elastic band like a moleskine book. And thats all.
    I hav also an official convertible case if I need more proffesional look (the dvd I picked was a free one of a paper diary of an english language course for childs Muzzy...) but I use it almost all time. And I can hang it in the upper side of a mirror without falling down. I find it very very usefull.
    Flaws... Left right audio issue if you are watching a film sometimes get a left sound that would sound from the right, but only sometimes...
    Upgrade. I want to cut space for the stand charger and I think it will be possible, but is a future idea, with this mount I hav a versatil solution for continious playing with a hdmi even with the book closed...
    Thanks for your time.
    10-21-12 03:26 AM
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