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    I did a security wipe to re-install OS and notice that all my Print to Go documents are missing. I didn't really consider them to be 'media' and so didn't manually move them off before the security wipe. On the other hand, other media files like camera photos and videos sync with DM... so I'm wondering if Print to Go files also sync with my computer and where they might be if they do.

    I really liked the thought of going paperless and being able to just print everything to my Playbook but now I've lost everything I printed over the last few months. I'd like to understand how Print to Go documents get synced and where they are stored so I'm sure they are backed up.

    I suppose performing a full backup would back up the Print to Go files but I rarely do a full backup that includes my media because it takes so long for 64GB and my media is already backup on the computer it came from in the first place... or it gets synced when I choose to sync my music/pictures/videos.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.
    06-08-12 04:41 PM
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    They're not stored on your computer, per say. But the documents that you used to create the Print to Go docs should still be on you computer, unless you deleted them. Lesson learned. Do a full backup before wiping your PB or before updating the operating system.
    06-08-12 05:08 PM
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    They're all stored on your PlayBook in media/print folder, there's no backup on PC unfortunately, so you probably have to "re-print" all the documents you need.

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    06-08-12 07:14 PM
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    With the files and folder app you can find the print to go docs under:
    06-09-12 11:54 AM