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    Needed to watch a couple of Fox TV shows online last night and instead of using the computer, told my wife we could hook up the PB to the TV and went out a purchased the HDMI cable needed. PB connected to the TV great, loaded up the browser, and started the first show. Even impressed her using my phone as a mouse with the remote connection. That's where the impression stopped. Too many times in the first 15 minutes of trying to watch the program would stopped with the circle arrow being displayed. I initially thought it was our internet connection (cable 20MB, with wife of Facebook and son on XBox), but then after around 15 minutes to show just froze in the browser, no circle arrow, just froze. Waited 5 minutes and shut down the browser. Hooked my computer up to the same HDMI port on the TV and watch the show with no problems, so it was the PB and not my internet connection which was the problem. I have watch a show or two online before with no problems (directly on the PB and not hooked up to the TV), but this is the first time using the HDMI port and (I think) with the 2.0 upgrade. Will try again tonight.
    06-13-12 06:44 AM
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    Try a reset before watching the videos, clearing browser cache etc. Best to test under optimal conditions.
    06-13-12 06:46 AM
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    Is your son using Xbox live voice? That kills bandwidth.

    I agree about resetting the PB. Flash vids and live streams on the PB don't have enough cache memory and it is even worse if the PB has been up for a long time. If it does not cache enough content and the Internet connection performance varies (which it does with cable since you are normally sharing the wire with a bunch of your neighbors), it can pause and recache a lot. The computer does not exhibit this problem because it has much more memory and disk space available to cache the Flash video content.

    You can see this. When playing a Flash vid you can see the shadow line on the timeline. That shadow line is how much content is locally cached. Look at how short that line is on the PB compared to the PC. Often the PC will cache the whole thing while the PB only caches maybe 20 or 30 seconds until it runs out of space.

    You also wish to tell the neighbors to stop watching porn when you want to watch vids on your PB.
    06-13-12 07:02 AM
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    Thank you for the advice. Will reset the Playbook and clear cache before trying again tonight. And yes, my son does use XBox live voice. The first time he started using it and talking to his friends using the headphones, I always thought he was talking to me and trying to answer him. He thought I was crazy.
    06-13-12 07:42 AM
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    Where are u finding Fox TV streaming?
    06-13-12 08:28 AM
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    Where are u finding Fox TV streaming?
    Give Tablet TV by SCrApps a try. Try out the free version first and if you want more networks buy the paid version. It's pretty good
    06-13-12 08:45 AM
  7. sk8er_tor's Avatar
    I found that my WiFi suffers when in close proximity to the TV/Cable Box/Sound System unit. This happens with my laptop, PlayBook, and any other WiFi device. Maybe you're having the same problem?
    06-13-12 09:21 AM
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    I find when I am disappointed with my playbook, I put it in timeout for a while and then it gets it's act together pretty fast.
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    06-13-12 09:27 AM
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    Regarding the FOX TV streaming, I was streaming from the fox.com website ('s Kitchen). Interesting comment regarding about placing the playbook in close proximity to the cable box, it was laying right in front of the cable box. When I used my laptop, since I had no room on the dresser, I set it on a TV tray next to the dresser away from the cable box. Will give tablet TV a try and as a last resort, will put PB in a timeout if necessary, it works for the son (at least for a few hours).
    06-13-12 09:41 AM
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    Your computer was fine hooked up to your tv. What would you gain by using the PB? The computer does more, can be controlled with a wireless mouse, plays every videos, etc etc. You're using a phone to control a tablet to play videos on a tv. 3 devices to perform a simple task. Life is hard enough already, why make it more complicated?
    06-13-12 10:37 AM
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    Just because you have the 25m connection does not mean you get that speed....The other issue to remember if you have cable connection ( not fiber) you have a shared connection with those in your neighborhood uing cable internet.... When I lived in the big city I have cable internet... everythng was great till school let out... my internet seed nose dived... made a point of only using it during the day.... I echo what others have posted about xbox... an absolute pig on date... in the same catagory of using a bit torrent... slows down the whole system.... So it could be the Playbook or yourcable or both... either way it is a pain....
    06-13-12 11:05 AM