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    This is driving me nuts. Found an ad for a playbook game like kings quest (no not bards quest). More like 2D, thought it was on here I saw it and can't find the article anywhere. If anyone knows where I can find this, please let me know. Very vague, I know. But I remember the article saying something to the tune of "if you liked kings quest then you will like this". Thanks in advance all.

    09-18-12 09:49 PM
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    Probably the original bards tales game included with bards tale. Old school 2d dungeon scroller rpg. The second and third are supposed to be released later with updates of the game. If that isn't what you are looking for, there is also a game called "dungeon scroll" and it seems like it is an old school 2d dungeon scroller, but I haven't played it to let you know if it's any good. There are a couple other dungeon games, just search dungeon if you haven't already.
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    09-18-12 10:51 PM
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    09-19-12 05:42 AM