1. digtech's Avatar
    My left speaker seems to have been busted #bawls. It works, but there is that annoying feedback. Ive tried rebooting.. Soft and hard, that doesnt help. The problem is not present when i plug my earphones in which means its definitely a hardware problem. I recently downloaded the pacemaker app, and the next day i think thats when the problem started! Initially it would go away, but now its apparent that its here to stay. Could my recent mixing and DJ - ing cause the speaker to blow? Anyway now my nightmare begins because ive googled the RMA process and theres quite a bit of mixed reviews on it.

    1. Im outside of the US/Canada (i think that spells nightmare for me)
    2. Ive read the limited warranty booklet and my problem seems to be qualified for repair
    3. I wonder about the charges that might incur from this process. It did cost me a arm and legg (100 us 1/3 of the cost) to clear my playbook at customs when i initially purchased it from Shopblackberry.com. I really do not intend to go through that again.

    What do you guys think? Is it worth the possible hassle and ringmarole for the next 2 weeks? Worst 2.1 is practically here. After waiting for what seems like forever and forever.
    10-03-12 07:51 AM
  2. neel69's Avatar
    Exactly same thing happened with my PB a week back! Left speaker stopped working, though headphones were working fine. Called the Tech Support to which they said that it is a hardware issue. Submitted the PB. Will recieve it after another week.
    10-03-12 08:00 AM