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    Hi all, I recently deleted a few pictures and they seem to have went... But today I tried to tweet a picture from the side loaded twitter app and the pictures are still there for selection! They do not exist in the pictures app or and other app that I can see! Is there any way of permanently deleting pictures? P.S$ I have tried a reeboot.

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    04-14-13 12:39 PM
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    They MAY still exist in the mirrored Android folder or folders.


    There are folders that have the same or similar names to the "regular" folders for movies, pictures, etc. BE CAREFUL - The entries there are generally pointers to your real pictures, etc but if you delete them from those Android folders, they will also be deleted from your regular collections - they will be GONE!!!
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    04-14-13 01:27 PM
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    Alternatively, they may not actually be the pictures that you're seeing, but rather are thumbnails of the deleted pics that were cached by the twitter or other android app. If you can open one of the pics in question, in fullscreen it should be low res if it's actually a thumbnail. The thumbnails tend to get stored in accounts/1000/shared/misc/android/DCIM/.thumbnails.
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    04-14-13 02:40 PM
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    the sideloaded tumblr app makes every picture on my tumblr dashboard show up in the pictures area of the stock file manager.

    I have to delete the cache under sdcard/android/data/tumblr in ghost commander to remove them.

    there might be a twitter cache somewhere causing your issue
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    04-14-13 02:57 PM
  5. loreburne's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips...I have tried them all but they are still there! I did see that thye must be thimnails though...as whan I try and insert them into a tweet it does not work....I think it will reinstall the sideloaded Twitter tomorrow and see if that sorts it out
    04-14-13 07:30 PM

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