1. gladiatorofyale's Avatar
    so i bought dead space first. and was blown away by the graphics. felt that only that was worth the 6.99 .but didnt really enjoy the game controls. felt funny. then practise made me better but still wasnt enjoying it as my visuals were enjoying.
    played 1/4of game then stopped.
    then bought nova2 for .99 thanks for a post here on crackberry.com
    visuals are as good as dead space. controls of the game are much better.
    so far ive played also 1/4 of the game .


    id say nova2 is much more enjoyable to play.
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    12-23-11 01:43 AM
  2. Megacharge's Avatar
    Cool, glad you like it.
    12-23-11 02:28 AM
  3. patpatiar's Avatar
    i love nova alot more then deadspace.

    dead space has nice graphics but the online play in NOVA HD is just soo much better.
    12-23-11 02:31 AM
  4. esqlaw's Avatar
    Deadspace is a preety old game. Its dated.

    On the other hand, NOVA is a ripoff title. Gameloft needs to learn to design their own IPs.

    I haven't even bought the game for 99 cents. I won't support that company.
    12-23-11 02:44 AM
  5. mariobastros's Avatar
    nova2 is my choice. love the graphics.
    12-23-11 03:27 AM