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    Does anyone know if its possible to deactivate your BB ID from a stolen PB if its stolen? For instance logging your PIN so that the next time the next user attempts to go into appworld the ID gets wiped?
    01-21-12 08:55 PM
  2. anindoc's Avatar
    This is what you can do and it works.

    You can change your BBID username which also serves as the BBID on your PB (the email) and also used to access the app world via the PB.

    Go to the Blackberry.com home page, then go via the link to the BBID page.
    Log in with your BBID username and password into your BBID account. Once there you will have the option to edit your BBID username i.e. change the email with a different email. Save it.

    Go to your BBphone, log into he app world, go to account settings, via the option--- change your BBID username with your new BBID username (i.e. new email). Save and bingo.

    You will receive emails asking you to confirm the new username do it and you are done.

    If your PB is stolen, the app world wont be accessible with the old setting, in fact once the PB is turned on it will ask for the new BBID username..... so the one who gets the PB will be stuck. It will need a security wipe and a new BBID from scratch.

    You can also change all the app world associated credit card settings from your BB phone, which will prevent that been used from a stolen PB.

    Hope this helps
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    01-21-12 09:22 PM
  3. deswayze's Avatar
    if you buy a replacement PB password protect it. i know it's a hassle, but it can protect the info on it. i have password protected both my Torch and my PB and it gives me some comfort that if it was lost or stolen the password might buy me some time to change my BB ID and any other passwords stored on it.
    01-21-12 09:56 PM
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    Another extra step is to enable your password on your Playbook and set it to lock after 5-10 minutes. Even if a person stole your Playbook, he can't even access it via usb to get at any stored files without getting prompted to enter a password.
    01-21-12 11:42 PM
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    Thanks a lot guys, however i'm heart broken no PB!!
    01-22-12 12:20 AM
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    Olukunlea, Sorry to hear about your bad luck. It's more than just the money of a lost device. We invest so much time into making our little machine the way we want it. I hope you have your device backed up so can reproduce your PB when you get a new one.
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    01-22-12 09:20 AM