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    " It was Steve Jobs idea to make a tablet a consumer device. Although It doesn't have to be. Microsoft is currently working against that idea with its windows 8 pro for tablets. You might be the sheep that is content with whatever is given to you but there are people who know the value of having an os that they can do work on and customize as they see fit according to their personal taste. saying the only way a tablet can work if it's closed is just a blind opinion started by one man."

    This was my reply to someone who believes that consumption devices are the way to go. Apple set a standard which is currently selling that tablets should be full consumer devices. No ability to extend the power of the os to do tasks that are beyond its preset rule. The belief that tablets should be different from pcs, and policed. Now, while QNX is a powerful OS, it is adopting the apple thumb rule and limiting the ability to customize the OS and the only benefit we can get from this amazing os is what the programmers at RIM decide to give us which might be limited at best. What do you think? Should a tablet be a consumer device or a full workhorse that is self sufficient like the pc? Should qnx be limited to consumerism?

    "I'm writing my articles or ideas to a specific target group not for everyone, I'm a computer engineer and I love tablets. I do not enjoy seeing them as consumer devices. This is not a troll post so people like diegonei who do not like my opinions or posts should probably steer off"
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    The point in closing a thread is to end the discussion.
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