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    Can someone please tell me if it is a software or hardware related problem regarding the curve 9300's cursor moving, jumping by itself from time to time and if it affects the playbook when bridged connected etc. Heard forum's say its something to do with light or software problems due to the 0S 6. I personally think its to do with the way the trackpad and buttons nxt to it are designed as it is a one layer for answer phone.bb,back,and end call buttons compared to the 8520 with the the buttons separated. Any feedback. Thanks.
    09-07-12 10:15 AM
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    And also can you play cracked android apk games and how, or do you need to root the pb.
    09-07-12 10:24 AM
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    It is usually a hardware problem and besides the fact you can't trust the mouse to stay put, no, it will have no effects on your PlayBook.

    Dunno what you mean by cracked. The app must be converted into a bar file then sideloaded to the PlayBook. No, no need for rooting (and the device can no longer be rooted anyways). Keep in mind that most high end games will probably not work.

    Check the sideloading boards for links to converted apps and how to sideload.

    And welcome to the forums.
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    09-07-12 10:24 AM
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    Thanks for your time bro, in cracked I mean free prirated android game apk files made for android phone's ie.xperia play. That install off the sd card automatically will these be able to work after you convert to bar files? Games such as the ones you can download off app world ie. Dead space, modern combat 3, they prob must be different versions recreated for pb specifically
    09-07-12 10:35 AM
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    Yes, all the ones you mentioned are native.

    I must make a point though that, the "Crack" in the Crackberry.com name relates to addiction and not piracy/hacking. That said, the only apps you'll find converted here are free ones. Pirated apps and paid apps don't make it into the lists.

    If the kind of game you wanna port is Dead Space level, I would not expect it to run at all. Too many API/drivers missing on the PlayBook to make them work, but you can try. And get ready to convert them yourself (which can or cannot be fun).
    09-07-12 10:48 AM