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    At work we use Lotus Notes for email and calendar, and it syncs flawlessly with my BB Curve 9330.

    The phone, in turn, was bridged to the Playbook and syncing fine, but recently I noticed that there are calendar entries on the phone that don't appear at all in the bridge calendar. When I open the calendar entry on the phone and "save" or "send" it, it appears on the Playbook. But after the Playbook wakes up from sleep, the entry is gone again.

    It's a major pain not being able to rely 100% that the info in the Playbook calendar is correct.

    Thanks to all who try to help!
    09-06-12 09:17 PM
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    Okay this is very weird. Bridge is just a display for the phone info.

    You're saying that phone appointments are intermittent? Sometimes they show and sometimes they don't? You mentioned during sync. Bridge doesn't sync anything, it just shows what's on the phone, so I gotta ask, are you sure you're not checking the native calendar maybe?

    Anyway, open Bridge on the 9330, delete the PlayBook and the do a battery pull. While the 9330 boots, either turn the PB off and then on or hard reset holding vol-/power button/vol+.

    When both are back from booting, Bridge them again. That should clear the bug. Else, check if you have the latest Version of Bridge installed (may require you to Bridge again anyway).
    09-06-12 09:27 PM
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    First, thanks for replying.

    I'm not checking the native calendar

    Here's what is going on - there are appointments that display on my 9330 that do not display on the Playbook. Some do, some don't. If I open the appointment on the phone and "save" or "send" it, it then appears on the Playbook. But when the Playbook goes to sleep and wakes up, those appointments are gone again.

    I tried your suggestion - I opened the Bridge and deleted the Playbook, pulled the phone's battery, shut off and restarted the Playbook, added the Playbook back to the Bridge -- but the same problem exists.
    09-07-12 10:36 AM
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    Did you give reinstalling Bridge a try?

    "Send"? Can you post a screenshot of that one? I don't recall that option.
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    09-07-12 10:53 AM
  5. jerrypasternak's Avatar
    I deleted Bridge, reinstalled it, and re-added the Playbook.

    I will try to post a screenshot, but here's what it is - on the phone, I open a calendar appointment, then bring up the menu. For some of these calendar items, one of the menu options is "Send"; for others, "Save" is an option. "Send" then asks me if I want to send a meeting update to attendees.
    09-07-12 01:08 PM
  6. diegonei's Avatar
    Ah, that "send". That doesn't matter, it should save either way, you sending the update or not (although it is always good to notify people of schedule changes!).

    If you have the latest Bridge, reinstalled, re-Paired, rebooted... I can only think or a security wipe or a debrick to come next.

    Let's wait for some other member to suggest something, because I am all out of ideas...
    09-07-12 05:39 PM
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    Only thing that springs to mind is could there be some kind of privacy flag on those appointments? I know this feature is in exchange, so you can stop those with access to your calendar viewing private appts, although I've not used lotus in years.

    I realize the intention isn't to hide it from yourself but when you're dealing with effectively 3 platforms, lotus to bes/phone to pb, things can get lost in translation (we've had it in the past where 3 different devices showed 3 different times for the same appointment due to different handling of daylight savings)

    Out of curiosity can you add a new appointment into lotus from your phone or pb?
    09-07-12 06:09 PM
  8. jerrypasternak's Avatar
    If I add an appointment on the phone it shows up in Notes and in the ePlaybook, but it disappears from the PlayBook after it wakes up (or after I close the calendar and reopen it).

    Appointments added on my desktop show up on the phone but not on the PlayBook.

    No appointment is set for private.
    09-11-12 02:39 PM