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    We have had our playbook since day one, they both had continued use until about a year and half ago when mine got relegated to the sock drawer, my wife's on the other hand has been handed down to our 2 year old, both a blessing and a curse, for one the speakers are way too loud, it's far too tough and the battery still lasts too long! watching the same video of a man un wrapping 70 kinder eggs over and over dozens of times at full volume is driving us insane, despite it being thrown on the floor every breakfast and lunch time, being rode over with his Thomas bike over and over again we still have to sit and suffer the same videos every time we sit down to relax! Today our LO managed to wipe his history from the youtube app, with their support just finishing hopefully the super slow browser will finally be the end of the playbook for us!
    The curse of the playbook-img_20150520_163522.jpg

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    05-20-15 10:43 AM
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    Toys, not tools!
    05-20-15 10:52 AM
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    Even though you didn't ask for this: there are Youtube alternatives.

    - Browser (I recommend Origami with the iPad mobile user agent)
    - Stereotube (Paid native app that works)
    - Tubemate (Sideloaded Android app; free and works; lets you sign into your Google account)
    05-20-15 10:56 AM
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    Great, now we have options! I'm really surprised at how it's held up though to be fair, we did buy him the samsung kids tablet but that doesnt get used at all lately.

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    05-20-15 12:12 PM
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    I lobby to take the Timex (I think) motto, "Takes a lickin and keeps on tickin" Awesome resiliency, that trusty OLD Playbook has there.
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    05-20-15 12:40 PM
  6. moneyhunster's Avatar
    In all honesty it's served it's purpose pretty well, other tablets and phones have come and gone and it's still here, bruised and battered it's still going, unhappy at the decision not to support it or give us BB10 as promised enough time has passed for me to snap up a new BlackBerry tablet should they release one again.

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    05-20-15 03:40 PM
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    I have a few playbooks I use from time to time. They are okay, have some games and movies on them. Good size still.

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    05-20-15 03:42 PM

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