1. raysivley's Avatar
    I am trying to create new folders on my Playbook via my desktop and it keeps giving me a " you need permission to perform this action" message

    Also, while using the File Browser app..I get the same type message. " This might be due to insufficient permissions"

    Any help would be very much appreciated here.
    09-04-13 09:57 PM
  2. pacoman03's Avatar
    You should be able to make folders with your PC. Try downloading either Air Browser or Ghost Commander from app world- both free apps. They'll allow you to create folders (MkDir in Ghost). Finally, where are you trying to make these folders? Some places this can't be done. One of these places is at the top of the media directory (accounts/1000/shared/). You can only create subfolders within the folders in this directory.
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    09-04-13 10:33 PM

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