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    Last night I noticed a crack in my 64Gig playbook screen. I looks like an upside down y, starting in the top center and extending to the lower corners. With this crack come along the inability to use the touch screen at all. In fact to cracks are activating the touch screen themselves. Random apps open, and the screen is unresponsive.

    I now have a few options before me.

    I could purchase a replacement touch screen.
    Tearing apart the Playbook is not a problem for me. I've torn open many an Iphone,my old Torch and many other small electronics.
    My only concern with this option is removing the old digitizer from the Magnesium frame. I have done similar things on the iPhone, but not sure if it is as easy on the Playbook??

    Option 2 would be to buy a "broken" Playbook and replace the motherboard with my MB. My question he is if the USB port is part of the MB. There are pleanty of PB's out there with broken charge ports so this option will be much easier than tearing down the entire PB.

    So in summation.

    My 2 questions are

    Is the USB port part of the motherboard??

    How hard is it to separate the digitizer from the metal frame? Just as easy as an Iphone or way more difficult??

    If there is an option I haven't though of please let me know.

    09-26-12 04:13 PM
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    iFixit's tear-down might give you some answers...

    BlackBerry PlayBook Teardown - iFixit

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    09-26-12 04:41 PM
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    The USB is part of the motherboard and the youtube videos stop short of removing the digitizer. There someone on these forum selling parts. There was an ad in their signature. Maybe they will chime in. I have seen the digitizer for sale with frame attached but don't recall where. If it where me I would try to find a cheap one local(craigs list) which will leave with spare parts.
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    09-26-12 04:54 PM
  4. JeepBB's Avatar
    There's another teardown video here, and they'll sell you a replacement screen for $70.

    Blackberry PlayBook Touch Panel, Digitizer Glasstop Replacement | DirectFix

    Would Option 3 not be to buy a new PB with warranty at the current knock-down prices that'll work out of the box ?

    Honestly, if PB's get any cheaper they'll be putting them in breakfast cereal boxes!
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    09-26-12 04:59 PM
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    Just dropped my PB today, timely post.
    09-26-12 05:05 PM
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    When I replaced my screen, I bought the screen with bezel. But, don't know if the cost is worth it now. I still have the old broken screen attached to the bezel.

    OEM Blackberry PlayBook Touch Screen With Bezel :: blackberry touch screen :: Touch Screen :: Truesupplier - Blackberry Accessories,iPhone Accessories,Galaxy Accessories & HTC Accessories wholesale Co.
    09-26-12 05:09 PM
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    But a 16 or 32 new. They're cheap enough right now. Swap the board if it's not enough room or save that one for spare parts.
    09-26-12 05:10 PM
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    But a 16 or 32 new. They're cheap enough right now. Swap the board if it's not enough room or save that one for spare parts.
    Yeah, think your right, just looked up prices and not a whole lot of difference.
    09-26-12 05:15 PM
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    Thanks for the help guys. I found guy selling a screen and frame still attached!!
    09-26-12 05:26 PM
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    Use a hot rag to help soften the adhesive on the frame and with a small plastic phone wedge it will come off nicely. I actually have used a small butane solder style torch we have at work for similar tasks and it works great with no overheat to surrounding parts.
    09-26-12 05:31 PM
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    Sorry to hear about your bad luck guys. The only bright spot is that this is probably the best time to replace one price wise.
    09-26-12 08:14 PM
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    If cost is an issue, forget the YouTube videos---they all completely disassemble the PB, which is dumb.

    The simplest and cheapest way is to buy a new $28.49 digitizer on eBay (US vendor, free shipping), then pry off the cracked screen entirely from the front, a chunk of glass at a time---using a sharp screwdriver only in the bezel area (with good eye protection). Once completely excavated, the remaining center of the screen (over the LCD) just lifts off. Then simply pop off the rear cover, plug in the new digitizer, and then attach it to the existing Mg frame using super thin double-sided tape. Whole process takes an hour.
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    09-26-12 09:01 PM
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    I have no doubt you're right, but the disassembly only takes a few minutes also. It will take longer the first time you do it, but after that it's quick and no glass shards to deal with. But I'm for whatever works for you
    09-27-12 01:03 AM
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    Perhaps if the cracked screen is heated from the front---using a heat lamp, not a torch---it might be able to be pried off largely intact, with fewer shards. I'll have to give that a try next time
    09-27-12 01:07 PM
  15. Ipadhater2012's Avatar
    Returning my Playbook with popped out speaker today.
    Still no idea how this happened.....bulging battery?? Heat??
    If they will not fix under warranty and charge me anymore than $100 for repair- then I will buy a new one or fix the broken one myself after it returns with tape...then buy a new one.....
    ...either way they are so damned cheap...who cares....
    09-27-12 01:48 PM