05-09-13 08:56 PM
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  1. daglesj's Avatar
    My guess is that Blackberry becomes a software/infrastructure only company within 18 months time.

    All phones etc, junked.
    05-09-13 06:20 PM
  2. merp23's Avatar
    The Z10 actually makes the PlayBook obsolete. At least until there is a proper blackberry bridge function that allows the phone to be paired to the PlayBook. Until then, I would imagine that Z10 owners just use the PlayBook as a newer paperweight.

    Posted via CB10
    Actually surfing on the z10 is very painful what with its miniature screen, the size of the pb makes it perfect for surfing, even accessing mails ,watching movies is far superior on the pb.
    05-09-13 08:56 PM
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