1. IM4CHRST's Avatar
    I have a glaringly obvious question for many of us Playbook owners. It's one that has been getting even more nagging in my head...all these articles about when the Playbook will get BB 10 yet the crackberry team still hasn't updates their own app. I understand not knowing if it will get an update to BB10, requiring a further update to the app, but come guys! You're CRACKBERRY! The number one site for us fans and your playbook app is subpar at best. It was in desperate need of an update a year ago and even more so now. Especially with the hottness that is the CB10 app. Just a little TLC is all I'm asking for. It's a little like those old ladies that go overboard on their makeup. It looks hideous on them. But that same makeup on them in their early years was beautiful. Crackberry for Playbook was good in it's younger years but now it is in dire need of a face lift. Maybe some P.E.Ds too; its performance has been a bit sluggish lately.
    05-29-13 06:49 PM
  2. KermEd's Avatar
    It's not easy to back build for PB.

    I've had to abandon it for many apps too. In order to back build my apps I would need to rebuild and / or replace cascades elements. Which defeats the purpose of using them.

    So to build for PB takes significant effort.

    Just sharing my 2 cents.

    Posted via CB10
    05-29-13 06:58 PM
  3. pacoman03's Avatar
    You're complaining about a free app?
    05-29-13 07:20 PM
  4. IM4CHRST's Avatar
    No just pointing out the obvious as I'm not the first person to bring this up. However, I felt this would be a good discussion starter since Kevin and Co have done a couple of articles recently in the PB. I'm just saying, I don't think I've seen an update in almost a year for this app and it is kinda buggy and sometimes just won't work well for me. I'm interested to see what other people feel at this point.
    05-29-13 10:52 PM
  5. anon(6038817)'s Avatar
    It is kind of sad that the CB app for PB is an Android port.
    05-29-13 11:14 PM
  6. eddy_berry's Avatar
    They have a Crackberry app and a Crackberry Forums app. The latter is an android port. I stopped using the Forums app. It is not great and after scrolling through several pages of forums my PB slows down. I stopped using it and stick with the browser for forum posts. Not as easy to get around but I kept going back to it and soon realized the app was wasted space. I still like the Crackberry app because it gives me access to new articles and new PB forum posts. I can start a search from there too. It opens in the browser which auto signs me in. Neither apps have been updated in a long time. I don't really mind.
    05-30-13 12:10 AM
  7. dazzleaj's Avatar
    It works for me.
    05-31-13 06:42 PM
  8. dangerousfen's Avatar
    It works for me.
    Works for me as well. Don't see what the problem is.
    05-31-13 06:50 PM
  9. KermEd's Avatar
    The bb10 one has its bugs and issues too .

    Posted via CB10
    05-31-13 07:11 PM

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