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    I was just wondering if updates to the OS overwrite existing os space or add to new space. For example os 2.0 when it came out was 4-500 mb, as was the 2.1 beta (both 2.1 updates). Have these just been overwriting each other and adding where new stuff has been added, or do they each add 4-500mb of space each time I installed them??? I fear for bb 10 as it will be a brand new os, and am scared it'll be a huge file... I have the 16gb playbook.

    Also, this is my technology ignorance, but it seems the playbook after os 2.0 has less ram memory than it use to.. Is this normal or is my PB broken lool??

    08-17-12 03:12 AM
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    Except for Application, the entire os will be rewritten. There is no question of every time eating 400-500 mb space whenever one updates os.
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    08-17-12 03:21 AM
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    Fortunately it overwrites the previous OS. If it didn't some would have wasted 400Mb on the last OS that got pulled then a surprise OS to pop up (.840) shortly after.

    I've still got 7.5Gb spare space on my 16Gb five months since new so my original rationale of (if it fills up I'll delete stuff) is working
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    08-17-12 04:12 AM
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    Thanks, that's a relief!!... Yh me too, I normally load stuff like tv shows onto it and then just delete once I've watched so I'm always at a constant level of gb. But didn't like the thought of gb's going down simply due to os updates not overwriting previous ones.... My mind is at ease now loool... Aaaa the little things in life
    08-17-12 04:51 AM
  5. apengue1's Avatar
    Yeah updates for apps and the os overwrite existing data
    08-17-12 10:20 AM
  6. mikeo007's Avatar
    What's been stated is correct, the old OS is removed or overwritten, so the space required isn't cumulative. You should be ok for space, keeping in mind that each subsequent OS update generally adds more features, resulting in a larger OS bundle. I would be surprised if OS10 weighed in below 1000MB due to all of the graphical and UI improvements.
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    08-17-12 10:33 AM
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    I would be surprised if OS10 weighed in below 1000MB due to all of the graphical and UI improvements.
    Yeah, but it's so worth it!

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    08-17-12 11:42 AM
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    It will be more than worth it!! And I guess as long as the existing data is overwritten which you all have confirmed is, then it doesn't matter how much bigger os10 is, as it will be that much better
    08-17-12 03:22 PM