1. m0ngr31's Avatar
    So I got a playbook for my mom a little over a year ago. She finally got a new tablet so I'm trying to replace my Touchpad (hoping to try BB10 on it at some point).

    1. I'm having some problems with playing flash videos. It seems like every other video at least will lock up the PB if I skip any of it at all. And if it does play it really seems to have a problem with stuttering pretty bad. It doesn't seem to be a quality issue, I've tried with differing qualities and most seem to stutter pretty bad. I've always heard that the PB handled flash pretty good so I've keep trying.

    2. I can't setup my work Exchange account. I use the same settings for my iPhone and TP and those both work fine. It always gets stuck on the "Saving and verifying your settings" page. Any suggestions?

    BTW, Is there a way to run some hardware diagnostics on the PB?
    02-06-13 12:07 AM
  2. Strikkie's Avatar
    Have you tried reloading the software and start 'fresh'?
    02-06-13 12:39 AM
  3. m0ngr31's Avatar
    Yeah, I've done it a few times now. I've tried doing the security wipe from the device and resetting it from the software.
    02-06-13 12:47 AM
  4. ChrisMay's Avatar
    It seems to me that the Playbook browser is pretty lousy at handling flash videos (other people may disagree) but I have had very limited success (my laptop which connects via the same WiFi router has no issues at all with the same websites). What sites are you trying to get to work? I'm in the UK, and BBC iPlayer seems to be Ok, but ITV Player and 4oD are hopeless. YouTube is sometimes Ok, but not always.
    I spoke to Blackberry technical support, but they couldn't really help. Just said it was an incompatibility between the Playbook and the website (my words, not theirs, but that was the gist).
    02-06-13 03:47 AM
  5. m0ngr31's Avatar
    I've been trying to use HockeyStreams.com but it's been a pretty awful experience. Youtube hasn't been super great either, but it has been better. My Touchpad seems to handle it just fine, but there isn't HDMI out like there is on the PB, so I was hoping I could get it working.
    02-06-13 10:00 AM

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