1. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    I'm kind of amazed and disappointed at the same time.... disappointed that this is happening to a brand new unit, right out of the box that I just picked up a mere few hours ago. Trying to stay level headed here but... is there any solution to this? Most of everything I've seen through Google is tons of people reporting the problem and no solution except "wipe & reload".

    I just bought the darn thing.... any help is appreciated.
    BlackBerry Playbook 32GB.
    11-14-12 02:41 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Normally, I wouldn't suggest this but have you tried calling support? All signs point to the fact that the serial number itself may not be registered fully and only support can add it to the data base. PITA yes, but depending on how you feel about it...might be easier then returning it to the store or whatever.
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    11-14-12 02:49 PM
  3. BigwhiteUK's Avatar
    What exactly did you do, and what have you tried?
    11-14-12 02:58 PM
  4. tarektoverso's Avatar
    Have you bough it at Gas station ?

    Okay... I'm out. ^^
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    11-14-12 03:01 PM
  5. BigwhiteUK's Avatar
    from a woman with no glass in her glasses!!!
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    11-14-12 03:07 PM
  6. dugggggg's Avatar
    11-14-12 03:35 PM
  7. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    Thanks for the help Blaze, unfortunately though, after a lengthy call, was advised to return to store or exchange.
    11-14-12 04:25 PM
  8. FF22's Avatar
    Sorry about that. Hopefully, the next one does not have that defect. I think that happens very rarely, although I can seeing being a bit upset.
    11-14-12 06:07 PM
  9. DSKnn's Avatar
    I had the same problem trying to set up my playbook lte using a 4gl connection. When I switched to wifi, the set up worked fine, and once set up, 4gl also worked. I have not seen the error code since.
    11-11-13 07:07 AM

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