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    Like many of us I'm patiently waiting for the day when a new OS release will handle USB memory sticks.

    In the meanwhile, I discovered a (costly) equipment that may be an immediate workaround: the XiFi dongle, that hosts both 3G and SD cards and make them available through wifi as soon as it is powered.
    Various items like this already exist, but this one comes in the form of an actual USB key, so indeed when someone asks you "give me your key so that I copy my file on it" you hand this device, the file is easily copied, and as long as it is powered you also connect to it in Wifi and get the file.
    As the device can be powered by any USB adapter (car, wall, battery) one can also use it as "the missing 3G" for those of us with PB older than 3 months ;-)

    All in all, my question: did someone around here already use this in combination with a Playbook?

    the details are there: http://www.option.com/en/products/products/xyfi/

    (I already own two 'simple' 3G adapters from these Belgium Option guys, they appear very efficient and reliable)
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    OK, I see there is little interest here, but still here is what I found after contacting the guys at Option (that are very reactive): The current dongle indeed behaves like an ordinary memory USB key, so that it can be handed to someone wishing to give you a file.
    At the tile being anyhow, the files in the SD card are not reachable through the wifi: but they are working on this, and a firmware update should become available 'before the end of this year' that will add this functionality.
    Clearly I was not the first one to ask ;-)
    09-20-12 03:59 AM
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    There's a / missing from the end of your link. Causes a 404 error. Other than that, this does look kinda cool.
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