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    So my parents (converted them to Playbook during the first discount wave last year) are in Asia at the moment and yesterday was Chinese Mid Autumn Festival. I had a nice family dinner with the rest of my family and we had planned that my parents would Video Chat with us close to the end of dinner.

    The time came and it happened.... even across the ocean everything was clear and relatively lag free. My uncle was so impressed with it that he started asking me so many questions about it.

    Then the final question came.... how much does it cost?... I said local Costco's sell 16GB for $99 and 32GB for $149. He was like "That's it?!" our son's costed like $600+ ... I was like... that's because his is an Ipad.

    Today I get a call from him to confirm Thanksgiving dinner plans and then he goes ... "guess what? ..... I bought blackberry". Still thinking we were still on the topic of Thanksgiving im like "uh ok..." then it hit me.... im like "OH"!

    They ended up getting a 32GB one for $149 which also came with a free 3-in-1 Charger.

    I also got my Fiance's parents a 32GB one as well =)
    10-01-12 10:13 PM
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    Nice work. I got my apple loving friend to pick up the 32gb for 129. He already has an ipad but he loves technology so he gave it a try and fell in love with it.
    10-01-12 10:42 PM
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    Good job you have a power over people. You're next task is to get your parents to mortgage the house and put all the money into RIM stock.
    Just kidding. Nice post.
    10-02-12 05:02 AM
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    I never thought playbook would be any good, so I bought an ipad 2 last year. Was probably never going to buy the playbook until it dropped to 118.00. After I purchased it I have to say its the best tablet I have found for my needs. Perfect size, Perfect design, perfect user interface - the swiping is genius. I haven't use my ipad in a over two months lol. And others have seen my playbook and liked what they saw.

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    10-02-12 05:53 AM
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    OP, now buy them the OEM BB Mini Keyboard! Best combo along with a BB phone and bridge..
    10-02-12 05:57 AM
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    Funny, I have been trying to convince two people to buy me a PlayBook.

    I think the term "seeing is believing" applies well to the PlayBook.

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    10-02-12 06:31 AM
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    my mom's friend came up to me at a funeral and asked if i could set up her tablet like i did my mom's playbook. i said, i have no idea, what tablet do you have? she said an ipad but she wants it to do what my moms does. im not too sure what that meant, so i told her im not familiar with other tablets and wouldn't be able to help her. she said she will return hers and get a playbook.
    im kind of curious what features my moms playbook had that she didnt have on her ipad?
    10-02-12 08:54 AM
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    I've almost got my sister to buy one. following on from my wife, who always played with my ipad and android, then when I got a pb went out and got one herself finslly (she still seems to use min tho!), this past weekend my sister, and apple follower with iphone snd ipad csme to stay.

    she saw me tapping awsy in the morning and asked what the difference was. I not only showed her the little video I had taken of her, I then promptly got up, plugged it into my hdmi cable on the tv, played a few youtube vids, couple of flash tv streams, then games (kids helped me here), then crackee out the bt keyboard and mouse and got to work on docs to go, which I then opened the same file up on my mac thru wifi file sharing.

    lastly. to be cheeky, using the browser on the tv I took her to the pc world site and showed her thr price for a 64gb like mine. she literally fell off the chsir, especislly when I explained that I had not hacked, rooted or done anything special to use these functions, unlike that you would need to do with an apple.

    needless to say she's now putting a reservation on one! I tell you if RIM expertly marketed all the functions properly the wouldn't be lagging behind, they'd be up there competing. people cannot believe what is posdible with the pb when I show them, which is why I get a little narked with the "my pb is crap, gonna take it back" threads!
    10-02-12 10:42 AM