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    My friend showed me a neat app on his Android tablet. He has a Yamaha AV amp, and a special Yamaha app on his tablet. The app allows his tablet to act as a remote control for the Amp.

    It also allows the tablet to wirelessly (via wifi) stream its content directly to the Amp - now this is very cool and is something i want! It allows the same off iPhones as well.

    I've had a search but not found much. Was wondering if anyone had this set up?

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    05-01-12 10:02 AM
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    I have a Marantz NR-1602 receiver and I'm using a ported Android app (AVR Remote) to control zones, volume and input. The amp also has a bluetooth module that I use to send audio from the playbook to the receiver.

    Can't run video through the bluetooth connection. Also, the app is a bit flakey and will disconnect from the receiver after a few minutes of inactivity.

    However, I can run my audio system and my digitally controlled grand piano wirelessly from the Playbook.

    The AVR Remote app also supports many Denon receivers as well. I've uploaded the converted .bar file to my website:

    05-01-12 11:39 AM
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    I have played with those remotes apps and there is definitely a cool factor there.
    In the end, a receiver connected to the PC via audio and network cables is my preference.
    Another receiver connected to the main for zone control fills the remote volume control need and adds extra features an app can't provide. The Splashtop app let's me control all the media.
    05-01-12 11:52 AM
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    could you please convert the Yamaha AV controller apps to .bar?

    04-24-13 07:32 PM
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    Hello, I'd like to add my name to the request to sideload the Yamaha AV Controller app to the Playbook.


    Steve Dow
    09-01-13 09:48 AM