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    this is the message i get from a bloomberg video. i have the latest software and have watched other videos. ideas on what the issue is? header should read "content unavailable..."
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    01-09-12 11:18 AM
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    This is a matter of how the site interprets the device. It can be a matter of what is termed a User Agent - the browser sends info about what the device is. There are now a few alternative browsers that can fudge this value and say "I'm Firefox" or "I'm chrome" etc. But apparently there is also a way that a site can tell which version of Flash is being used and prevent the video from playing.

    You can try contacting the site and telling them they are locking you out with a device that should work on their site.
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    01-09-12 11:35 AM
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    thanks for the info. I get some videos from bloomberg so it seems odd it is sporadic. I would be interested to know if others have a problem with this site.
    01-09-12 08:06 PM
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    I have problem with live TV from Bloomberg, same message as OP
    01-27-12 07:08 AM
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    I get the same message on ESPN. I'm not sure if it is just the videos that start automatically though.
    01-27-12 07:34 AM
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    if u were able to watch other videos . i dont think pb is the issue here .
    01-27-12 07:36 AM