1. kingzogofalbania's Avatar
    how do contacts end up in the playbook when you are in wi-fi mode.
    i thought if they were i my blackberry torch theyd automatically end up in contacts pb .... but they only end up in the contacts/bluetooth department, not the wi-fi.
    do you have to enter them one by one on the pb?

    i have the same mystery with the calendar.
    07-22-12 08:26 AM
  2. kretch's Avatar
    When you add accounts to your playbook like email, facebook, twitter or linked in accounts the contacts or friends you currently have on those accounts will show up on your playbook via wifi.
    So if you update your contacts or add friends in facebook from another device or from your PC your playbook will reflect that change also.
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    07-22-12 10:17 AM