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    Q: What devices can be connected to the USB port?..
    Q: Has RIM added USB OTG "mode"? in OS 2.xxx? as of 2012-11-09.


    So it sounds like Playbook itself can't read a attached usb device? Keyboard/mouse.... Camera, flashdrive, cardreader?
    Last posts on the subject was right at a year ago... Seems like they would have addressed this by now.

    Q1: How about Bluetooth devices? Will it be a "problem" pairing non BlackBerry Bluetooth devices?

    Q2: Have you seen any "official" release from RIM stating the Playbook series tablets are to receive (a free) update to BB10 OS?

    My experience with other vendors with "older" /non-current/ or soon to be replaced devices is that they are excluded from major OS updates...or anything that would extend the functionally or lifespan of the product as the manufacturer wants to sell you the next generation of the item.

    Hope the rumor of BB10 OS is true.

    Rim's various officers have repeated said that BB10 will be offered for the existing pb AFTER they release their new phones. No exact date and you have to hope that they can pull it off.

    A variety of BT devices can be paired including 3rd party mice and keyboards as well as Rim's official keyboard (with touchpad) and their music gateway. Also bt headphones can also be paired and Logitech's music gateway..
    11-09-12 11:04 AM
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