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    I have an older logitec bluetooth mouse that came with a usb bluetooth dongle. I don't ever use it with my laptop, but I just bought it a long time ago for games. I want to use it with my playbook, since I recently bought a logitec ipad keyboard and it works great.

    The playbook definitely recognizes the mouse when I go to the bluetooth settings and add a new device, but it recognizes it as a Blackberry 9650 phone!! Is there any way to make this mouse work with my playbook so I don't have to buy a mouse specifically designed to work with tablets? I know that this is my mouse that it is recognizing as the wrong device because when I turn off the mouse, it doesn't detect anything.

    10-30-12 09:03 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    It is probably "keyed" to the bt dongle it came with and might not work. If you have not, UNpair it, remove it and try it again. Oh, if you have not, remove the bt dongle from the other device so that it is not pairing to two devices and see if that works.
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    10-30-12 10:09 AM

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