1. rlfisher's Avatar
    Hi - longterm BlackBerry (currently 9700) user, considering acquiring a Playbook. I have seen so many simliar-but-not-identical posts for "side loading" applications, that I have become confused. Before I invest in the Playbook, I need some confidence that I can load and run the Schwab Mobile application. It is available on the amazon android store. I gather I have to somehow side load the amazon android store app and then from there side load the Schwab app, but I am not confident that this will actually work.

    Can somebody set me straight on this? And where is the definitive/best how-to for side-loading these sorts of things?

    05-17-12 03:02 PM
  2. Chaddface's Avatar
    You can't load the Android store. Some android apps that have been converted will work.
    Perform a search for that app in the side loading forum.
    If it's a paid app there is no legal way to get it on the PB. In my opinion the free apps converted this way are not legal either.

    There are many android apps in BB app world but unfortunately the Schwab mobile app isn't one of them.
    05-17-12 03:18 PM
  3. dee.'s Avatar
    What Chaddface said, definitely search the app in the sideloading forum and depending on what computer os you're using they're different to load the apps. I believe Windows has a pretty easy to use program you can download and load (search the forums and blog) but I'm actually on a Mac and t I sideload apps through Terminal through the commands Adam posted in one of his blog posts. Fairly easy once you get the hang out it. Hopefully they have your app converted.
    05-17-12 11:00 PM
  4. rlfisher's Avatar
    Thanks, It IS easy to side-load some of the popular Andorid apps onto the Playbook, I even successfully converted a couple of compatible apk files that hadn't already been converted to bar files. No joy so far on obtaining apk for the Schwab Mobile client.
    06-05-12 10:48 AM