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    In the video below, various capacitive stylus options for the RIM playbook are tested. The Targus and Dagi (P005, 501, 504) are compared using the Skit app for the device. What is very interesting is that this video and the testing were done on the SAME playbook. I played the video out through a tiny Qumi data projector and, using the Playbook multi-tasking feature, was able to record what I was doing on the playbook screen as it was being projected on the wall. Very cool.

    09-30-11 01:55 PM
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    Great presentation. thanks for the education on stylae.
    09-30-11 03:15 PM
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    Thanks for a nice review.

    The one you recommend - I _THINK_ you identified it differently in the beginning and then in your final comments?? Could you clarify its numbers?

    I tried one of those blunt nose ones (actually two different ones) when I first go the playbook and returned them - too much pressure and poor control.
    09-30-11 03:15 PM
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    Which one would you rate better for using to write your signature on the PlayBook? Our guys will be collecting signatures on the device from clients.
    09-30-11 03:26 PM
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    Sorry for the lack of clarity and confusion. The Capacitive stylus that worked best by far was the Dagi P504. It is the one that looks like a pen with a disc at the tip. It is best for signatures as well. Hope this helps!

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    10-01-11 06:12 AM
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    Thanks for the clarification. I don't see too many places to purchase it and none of the local shops (bestbuy, frys) seem to carry it.
    10-01-11 06:20 AM
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    Thanks for the clarification. I don't see too many places to purchase it and none of the local shops (bestbuy, frys) seem to carry it.
    10-01-11 09:20 AM
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    While some of the info in his youtube video might be dated or supplanted by newer styli, stylus, styluses (now search will find this post, no matter the spelling), it is still pretty good. So this is a BUMP.
    07-15-12 09:51 AM
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    Thanks for taking the time to make the video.

    I've tried a few different stylii now as notes/sketches are a pretty efficient way to record or present ideas.

    In my experience for browsing or typing any sub $10 fat tipped stylus is fine.

    The stylus I use the most is the Adonit Jot Classic. Great for fine note taking and sketching. Oddly it doesn't work very well as a finger replacement when browsing or typing.

    I use 4 different apps for various tasks.
    -DrawingBoard - FREE; quick sketches and short notes
    -Scroodle - FREE; quick sketches and short notes
    -SketchBlock - FREE; quick sketches and short notes
    -Picinote - $2.99; useful for more complex notes and for presenting ideas; slightly buggy but this should be a pretty good app someday when it's refined

    My conclusion; at least two different stylus types are required and a couple of different apps. The use of stylii and notes/sketches has added a ton of value to my tablet.

    EDIT: No screen protector on my Playbook
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    07-16-12 08:56 AM
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    can someone do an update comparing all types of newer stylii?

    i just want the best one for my playbook. i dont care what i pay but i want it to be the best
    07-16-12 09:09 PM
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    okay i caved and went and bought the adoni jot classic for $19.99 at memoryexpress.ca

    theres a few other versions available. one with a ball pen on the other end $24.99 (which also happen to be magnetic and claims to stick to your tablet). I was never able to test the magnetic part as they said I was unable to open it up.

    another version for $39.99 which has a high end ball point metal pen on the end.

    there was one from targus as well for $20 i think which was 3-in-1. pen, stylus and a red laser pointer. I was tempted but figured I've never needed a laser pointer my whole life up to now, so doubted that would change if I bought one.

    I was testing out the cheapest version to see if I liked it and its amazing. very accurate. I was using an android program skitch to draw. loved it. very accurate on its finest settings and I tried it out with hand writing. great.

    The previous poster also mentioned how its not built for gestures but mainly for in app use. I would like to mention it works fine, though I get why he said its not "built" for it. I assumed he meant that it would not register movement or clicks but its just that its a super fine pen meant for drawing or taking notes. It works with gestures and navigation with the bb os but its not its strong suit. Thats where a cheap one would do fine if thats all your looking for.

    The reason I got this is to take notes at meetings. I have looked at a few android apps for this purpose. Handrite is good but the ultimate app I think I have seen for this is an ios one.

    Now my only hope of getting this app for the playbook is if that guy who had ios app emulator.

    IOS apps on playbook [supposedly its legit]

    In the meantime I request anyone who has a GREAT note taking app that I can use for meetings to post up links or reviews of them. That way I can have a GREAT app with my GREAT stylus

    07-16-12 10:14 PM