1. xxxmerlinxxx's Avatar
    so I downloaded a file using the android browser in august. I constantly get a notification stating that the com.txt file download is completed from august 25th. I hit the x to close it but it keeps popping up. I even deleted the file. any ideas on how to get rid of it? I'm running

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    09-13-12 08:44 AM
  2. harilp's Avatar
    ya mee too
    09-13-12 08:48 AM
  3. pacoman03's Avatar
    Install Ghost Commander from app world. From the home screen, choose applications, then downloads, then shortcuts, then Downloads-Main. Delete any shortcuts that show.
    09-13-12 09:16 AM
  4. GreyGhostRos's Avatar
    Do this:
    Install GhostCommander from appworld (its free) -> Start GhostCommander -> Applications -> find "Downloads" -> Long click on "Downloads" -> Select Launch "Downloads" -> Tick the files -> And select "Delete" from below..

    Should get rid of the notification..

    And IMO GhostCommander is very useful for playing around with Android apps stuff..

    P.S.: Sorry saw pacoman03's reply later on..
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    09-13-12 10:01 AM
  5. jamesharmeling's Avatar
    Wish I would have known about Ghost Commander before I got so annoyed that wiped my Playbook. Lesson: Come to CB and ask a question before taking an action!
    09-13-12 03:22 PM