02-18-13 04:09 PM
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  1. gibingus's Avatar
    +1... need AnyConnect app for PB for corporate remote desktop. Now that mini keyboard is out, this is my only impediment to ditching the laptop!!
    04-03-12 08:34 AM
  2. manofice1's Avatar
    Hopefully cisco releases an app soon
    06-07-12 09:22 AM
  3. bbaleno's Avatar
    it may be part of BB10 it was anounced at the dev conference in orlando.
    06-07-12 09:27 AM
  4. sdk1's Avatar
    PlayBook needs to see a lot more loving from the guys down at Cisco. They kill off their own tablet and just keep supporting the popular pad ... Disappointed, but hopefully that the 2HCY12 brings some good news.
    06-16-12 04:02 PM
  5. bermie2000's Avatar
    Does the PB have the ability to make a PPTP VPN connection?


    How do you make a PPTP VPN connection on the PB? I thought this wasn't possible!
    07-23-12 12:24 PM
  6. FreeJACLive's Avatar
    I got this to work.

    what I had to do is go in and create an EZVPN connection
    for group username I used the group name, and password I used the PSK

    for username and password I used my Windows one because when I created it I told it to use radius for authentication.
    where do you tell it to use radius? I don't seem to see that. I believe this is what is missing from my setup in order for it to work.

    Thanks for your help.
    07-23-12 03:08 PM
  7. FreeJACLive's Avatar
    I use a workaround for 'testing' ATM. I use VPNC a linux based VPN client that works with Cisco IPSEC. I flashed a Linksys router with DD-WRT (vpn version) and can dial the VPN directly from the router via a telnet session. This means all the machines behind the router now see the corporate network. This will be good for now, but would really like to get the built-in VPN client to work.
    07-23-12 03:31 PM
  8. DaedalusIcarusHelios's Avatar
    A bump on this. Wondering if there is any news on Cisco AnyConnect support for PB or BB10 that is known coming.
    12-18-12 03:09 PM
  9. bbaleno's Avatar
    I think I am going to ask them. I saw that they updated the win,Linux,and mac version the other day which means nothing really.
    12-19-12 12:01 AM
  10. feelmyice's Avatar
    I just requested anyconnect conversion for the Android Player from this website. You can try this BAR file here to sideload the app on your playbook: AnyConnect : BlackBerry 10 Bars

    I haven't tried it yet.... it's still sideloading.
    02-04-13 03:57 PM
  11. TripNFry's Avatar
    ok, it's been 14 days, are you still sideloading? did it work? fail? need some info!!
    02-18-13 04:09 PM
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