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    I subscribe to Macleans magazine and I was reading an article in the July 16th edition called " Tablet Wars". I attached a photo of the article. Check out what he says about the new Microsoft Surface Tablet.

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    07-23-12 06:58 PM
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    Hey I can't see what you posted if you can please try to repost it or pm me the link
    07-23-12 07:00 PM
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    Okay that should work. It's my first time posting with a pic.
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    07-23-12 07:08 PM
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    Just ain't so. The surface will run win8.
    07-23-12 07:13 PM
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    That's what. I read it would run windows 8 maybe it can duel boot android to that would be cool but if I'm running full windows I would see no need to do that other then cool factor lol
    07-23-12 07:15 PM
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    There will be two versions of the Surface, one running Windows 8, the other running Windows RT.
    07-23-12 07:21 PM
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    You didn't hear about the third surface running gingerbread? LOL. Good Find.
    07-23-12 10:18 PM
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    Some have a dual boot of webOS and Android on the HP Touchpad. The BBPB has an Android emulator. I have an HP laptop which has a dual boot of windows7 and a web access program which HP chooses to call webOS but is not the same as the Touchpad version. It also has the beta version of the Bluestacks emulator. So a tablet can have the capability of running more than one operating system. This however can require a more robust system and slick software.
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    07-24-12 01:49 AM