1. dazzleaj's Avatar
    Is it OK to charge a PB overnight on the supplied charger, or any charger for that matter?
    I do my BB Torch that way so I assume (always dangerous) that the PB has a good controller in it also.

    06-09-13 11:21 PM
  2. Cap_172R's Avatar
    I normally leave my PB to charge overnight (supplied charger) and haven't had any problems. (used to do the same with my 9900!)

    Once the device is fully charged, it would not draw from the charger (will actually start depleting...and will then charge back to 100% etc)
    06-09-13 11:43 PM
  3. Nels's Avatar
    I've always charged my PlayBook overnight on my charging pod. It has never caused any problems for me.
    06-10-13 10:15 AM
  4. WArcher's Avatar
    The PlayBook is actually powered up when you're charging and it does this to run its own battery monitoring routines - it should be safe to leave the device on the charger as it is controlling the process quietly in the background - not just pounding the batteries full.
    06-10-13 10:19 AM
  5. dazzleaj's Avatar
    Thanks for the input. I don't want to kill this thing. They most likely will be discontinued soon. I want it to last for years.
    06-10-13 09:17 PM

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